About Muah

Fancy meeting you here….if you havent already guessed my name is Jaqueline…I started blogging when I was 14 on the now extinct xanga.com which if I try to go to the site all files have been archived…so I’m starting from square one…I’ve always gotten in trouble for mundane things like not raising my hand before I speak, or not respecting the things of others…my only complaint… When the hell are people going to respect my things?

But just like it was in school or at home….everything is my fault…Boohoo right? WRONG! I secretly loved that I kept being talked about, I loved when I was the topic of discussion in the teachers lounge…Yes! Talk about me!

Oops to much written…anyways blah blah blah welcome! Make yourself a cup of Joe and sit back…leave comments where you see fit…I enjoy that sort of thing.. Cause well I’m

Jaqueline Outspoken

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