Houston Drivers (The types)

Being born and raised in Houston,…I am pretty familiar with the drivers of Houston. So as I was driving this morning,..it came to me…I wanted to write about the different types..yes types…of drivers this great city has to offer…

-There is the super slow gold Toyota driving Asians yes the ones who drive in the middle lane and drive at about 10mph.
-There is the ride your ass all the way home men in big monster trucks that they use to drive absolutely nowhere.
-There is the let me race you on a busy street with traffic lights that we have to stop at every 10 minutes.
-There is the let me see how many times I can weave in and out of traffic on the same busy street.
-There is the let me get in the right turn lane and not turn and hold everyone up cause they have to go straight.

And last but not least
-The drivers who like to hold people up…you know the ones who like to work together on a two lane street and hold people up by consistently keeping the same speed to not let anyone pass

PATHETIC!!! Don’t be a jerk off let people get to wherever they are going you do not know if that person has a life threatening emergency.

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