ADHD…A silent distraction

As a child I was always…I mean always getting into trouble for one thing or another whether it is not sitting still or talking to much or just blurting out answers even before the teacher was finished asking the question. I could never just calm down!

It continued well into my junior high years and high school years. It was a huge STRUGGLE to sit there and watch other kids have the ability to read or write without getting distracted while I sat there struggling to stay on task for even ten or fifteen minutes. School or anything that required my attention was a problem and I dreaded going to school or work…because I could not concentrate and when my boss would ask me to finish something all I could do is deal with the intense flood of thoughts about how I was going to finish and how I was even going to start…

Now that I have gotten older and am able to make my own decisions…I went back to some of my older evaluations when I was a kid and it clearly stated that I displayed some key characteristics of an inattention type …and sure enough yes I had ADHD…my mother refused to put me on medication or maybe it was because she refused to believe that anything was wrong with her first born child…regardless of the reason I finally got to an age that I was able to get myself on medication…which I immediately did.

The medication has done absolute wonders as far as work and school. The change has been amazing in every way I hoped it would be…so if you stumble across this post and you are a mother or child that is struggling with a mental disorder or some sort of other issue than….I URGE YOU TO SEEK MEDICAL HELP! I cannot express in words what it would do for anyone who is having problems….

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