Dinner Conversation

So, I am having dinner with my friend whom I have known since third grade, we are talking about life and what we have been up to and you know giving the, “411,” if you will on our lives…As some of you know I am going through a recent change in my life, one that has undoubtedly been alittle challenging,  my quest to find out who I am as a person.  Sure everyone goes through this and yes people spend their whole lives trying to answer the age old question? What is my purpose in life? Honestly, I do not see that as being a legitimate question and no I don’t mean legitimate as in is it a real question, but rather can the question ever be truly answered even by the one whom seeks the answer? I think not! Life is about choices and lets face it, your human. Your role as a human is to live life to the best of your knowledge and to treat others with respect. No where in any textbook or any life lesson that your parents gave you has the phrase, “You are to never make a mistake,” ever come up. Parents tell us as children to be cautious of our decisions but decisions are a part of life and not every decision you make will be the right one, after all isn’t the only way we learn through our mistakes? I’ve recently had some tough decisions to come too and believe me they were tough but after I made my mind up I couldn’t feel more relieved. You see, I was always worried about how others would view me rather than how I viewed myself which after all is the most important thing right? If your friend sees you as a pathetic loser so be it, if your ex boyfriend sees you as this irresponsible dramatic girl well let them assume. Remember they too are humans and very capable of error. Don’t let the view that others have of you influence what you do today. They are either with you or against you and most of the time its against.

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